Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Embarrassing a child

Like my title says how do you embarrass a child?
You tell him in front of everyone on the team that his physical ran out on August 1st and that he can't practice with the team and you send him walking home.
Yes that's what happened to my son today. The coach told him today that his physical expired on August 1st. and if you don't have a current physical you can't participate (which I agree with fully.)
EXCEPT- I sent my son to the athletic office on the last day of school to find out when it expired and they told him August 10th. So why was he sent home?
Because the coach looked at the date wrong.
Yes I'll admit my son does in fact at times get things wrong but in this instance he did not.
You see when he got home (almost in tears mind you) I personally called the office and asked and they said it expires the 11th. Which means he has to get it by then or no practice Monday (which happens to be picture day as well).
So I told her to please let the coach know that he made a big mistake and that my son was indeed correct. Don't get me wrong I really like this coach and he was my son's 7th and 8th grade coach for XC too but you don't embarrass my child.
So now we are off to spend $25 for a physical that shouldn't have to be paid until Friday.
UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(