Monday, July 29, 2013

How to make an omelet

Problem: I don't eat omelets so I have never made one and my 12 year old son wanted one thanks to his old 5th grade teacher who taught him that he loves them.
Solution: Find a youtube video where they are making an omelet and let your son watch it.
(Thank you to the lady in this video by the way).


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Have you ever

Have you ever started something out with the best of intentions and then somewhere along the way you just sort of petered out on it? Well so have I. In fact I have done that very thing with this blog.
I had every intention when I started this to post cute pictures, quotes, wise sayings, and even wiser advice but let's face it none of that has happened. In fact I'm not even 100% sure anyone even reads this anymore. So if you do still hang around here waiting for me to post something clever or even not clever I want to thank you above all. And if you have left me in the dust because you are just too busy to stick around and wait for someone to post something I have to say to you I'll miss you.
However I'm going to "try" and start over and this time I don't promise to post every day or even every month but I will post if it's the last thing I do.
Do you all mind hearing the daily happenings in my life? If not stay tuned. :)
I think I'm going to try and make this more personal (as personal as you can when people read your private thoughts).
Hope you enjoy.

Ok now to my life and what's been happening lately.

Well let's see first of all the end of school came (for my boys) and I officially have an 11th grader and a 6th grader (junior high around here).
On June 22nd my wonderful husband and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. I would say wedded bliss but let's face it nothing in life is blissful about marriage. It takes years of hard work and dedication.
I am once again getting into online selling (Craigslist, facebook groups, and ebay).
I've been a sahm for 13 years and although money isn't as tight as it was in the past I still want to help out my family and take a load off my husband's shoulders so if you would like to buy from me look up Sharonrosax4 on ebay. :) (Yes shameless plug).
I have nothing posted right now but will be listing more this week so check back often.
Other than that right now I'm just making dinner and being a mom.
Maybe I won't be so boring later.
If you read this far please comment and let me know I'm not alone in this big world. Thank you. :)
I forgot to mention my new (new to us) 96 GMC Jimmy.
Our Cutlass had been messing up so when it finally bit the dust (the engine completely blew) we had to get a new vehicle. Bought this one at a Buy Here Pay Here for cash and the best part? NO payments. Yay!!!!