Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scared to believe in prayer

Today my boys started their first day of 10th and 5th grade and they for once came home happy.
Especially my youngest son and if you read my post about she hates me you would know why this is such a miracle.
Tonight I discovered something and that would be that I am afraid to trust my prayers. Let me explain.
Last year (during 4th) my youngest had the worst (what I think worst) teacher in the world. She was rude, hateful, and just downright mean to him. She would always nitpick at him for every little thing but the true trouble makers in the class got away with murder. It got so bad that sometimes he didn't even want to go back.
Well this year he came home saying he thinks his teachers are nice and he thinks he's going to have a great year. This in itself is a miracle.
Then the fact that he actually told me things about school is another miracle. Tonight he decided he wanted to be a "teacher" at home and started teaching me all about his transformers and was doing it in a school teacher/student setting. Already he's saying he wants to teach me more tomorrow.
Now why do I say scared to believe in prayer? Because even though I have prayed since October of 2011 for him to have a great teacher this year and great friends my heart is afraid to believe. Afraid because I'm scared to get too joyous now when I know that anything can happen.
However I'm going to forget that and just believe that God has answered my prayers and God really has answered my prayers.
I know too that it's not that easy but I am going to do my best to believe and encourage them everyday to find the positive in everything.
My oldest is now in ROTC and is talking about it like it's the greatest thing in the world. He's already saying he wants to do it the next 2 years as well.
I don't know where the time goes but my babies are growing up and I'm believing going to have GREAT year.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

An amazing experience

Tonight as I was taking out the trash I experienced something that to me was amazing.
A baby bird on our chair outside.
Why was this amazing? Because it sat there and let me take it's picture instead of flying away and more than that it let me touch it.
I only touched it for a second but it was amazing.
I have never experienced being this close to a wild bird before without it flying away and it was something my kids will remember forever.

A confused pepper

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mom, do you have a coupon?

For 2 1/2 years now I have been couponing to save my family money and to help contribute to our family's budget since I'm a full time sahm and bring in no income in whatsoever.
So anyway there have been times when my 11 year old will ask if he can have something and I'll say no and he'll proceed to ask when you get a coupon for it can I get it then?
My 16 year old has never really said much and sometimes he honestly seems embarassed that I use coupons. Oh well as I tell him you need to stop being embarassed because these coupons are what is paying for your nice new Nike's and xc fees and the majority of the things you want to do.
Yesterday he and a friend were walking home after xc practice and they ran into Walgreens and this friend bought himself and my son a Gatorade. When my son got home I told him that's fine (because we have told him before not to be taking money from people) but he would have to buy this boy a Gatorade this week.
Before practice today he asked me if I had any coupons for drinks at Walgreens and when I asked him why he said so he could buy his friend a drink.
Yes I'm guessing he is starting to realize he has gotten to do a lot over the years because of coupons. Either that or he realizes if you can't beat them you might as well join them. lol

Kid designed sandwich box

Yesterday in the mail we got a package that was a sandwich box. Apparently months ago I was on my email and since I get in my email everyday I had I guess clicked on this offer to send in a picture of my kid or my kid's artwork and yesterday I received it in the mail.
So here is my son's one of a kind state of the ART sandwich box for school this year. He drew this this year (age 11).
Thank you so much to my son is happy to pack a lunch and show off his artwork.