Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Overcoming guilt

Guilt is such a wasted emotion.
Today I took the boys to see The Lorax at the Danbarry theater (cheap movie theater) and I found out yesterday that during the summer if you go Monday-Friday before 12 then it's only $1 per person to get in instead of the normal $1.75 on Tuesday or the $3 the rest of the week.
So since it was just me and the 2 boys I got in for $3 and had enough will power to say no to popcorn/drinks and they were ok with that of course. Then after the movie my youngest asks if we can go to CiCi's Pizza and guess where we end up. Yep you guessed it.
So although I was proud of myself for having a fun cheap adventure with my babies I am beating myself up for going out to eat.
It's weird because I know that we have the money to afford it and that's not the problem so much as it just seems we eat out a lot or at least it seems we have ate out a lot this month and I am tired of it.
I need the strength to say no not so much to everyone else (even though that's a good idea) but no to myself.
Maybe I need to come up with a plan where everytime I say no I reward myself somehow. Maybe a $1 or $2 in my bank and after that adds up get my family something nice. Another board game perhaps or a trip to a museum or zoo?
Have you ever had to overcome the guilt of doing something you knew in your heart wasn't good to do all the time?

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TheButterfly said...

I feel guilty when my freezer is full of good food and I am having a craving for mexican food or something. At the moment I am struggling on losing weight as I am a huge snacker. I can sit at the computer doing whatever and not realize I went through a bag of bbq chips.. It's even worse when I eat something that I know will give me upset stomach and I am sitting in the restroom going "I wish I never ate that now"... lol .. Those are mine. :)