Thursday, September 11, 2014

The unpopular opinion

September 11, 2001 the day the world stood still.
September 11, 1997 the day MY world stood still.
They say that 9/11 is the worst day in history and a day that we will never forget and that IS true however on that same day 4 years earlier everything I thought was right with the world, everything I thought was comfortable and would always be there left.
That is the day I watched my mom who had fought the cancer demon for 5 long years take her last breath.
The day that will forever be in my mind a turning point. A point when I realize I could no longer live my life as a normal life.
No my life was now split with that always invisible curtain.
The curtain of before my mom's death and after my mom's death. Better known as life happy and life sad. Life normal and life forever changed.
Before: I lived my life raising my son and working to provide for him.
After: I still did the above but now I would not get to see my mom every day as you see I worked with her.
I now had to face a reality that no one no matter how young or old should have to face. The reality of never hearing my mom's voice, never seeing her laughter, never hearing her pray for me, never watching her hold my son.
Life is forever changed.
So yes while I do grieve this day 13 years ago and feel for all those people whose loved ones died that terrible day my world stopped 4 years before that.
Forgive me when I see the pretty little pictures people post all over the internet at this time every year.
Never Forget: Well of course not who could forget something like that?
Forgive me though because when I see those pictures I think one of two things.
1) I will never forget my mom
2) The world will never forget my mom.
Yes I know the majority of the world did not know my mom but I can almost guarantee that someone out that knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who was touched by my mom's faithful prayer or kind words.
9-11-1997...I will NEVER forget mom. I LOVE YOU.

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