Monday, September 29, 2014

You Can NEVER Go Back

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you may want it, no matter how much you might pray for it you can't go back.

   There is no magical time machine, no magical pill, no magical juice that you drink. There is nothing out there at all that can help you go back to a time in your life where you were happy.
There is no special formula that helps you realize as you are sitting in your happy moment right now to grab onto it and hold on for dear life because in twenty years everything and I do mean everything will be different.

  I wish there was some way that this was different but there is not.
Nothing will ever stay the same.
People grow up and people change and at times we all say we will keep in touch but the truth is that very rarely if ever happens.

   Even in families when a loved one dies all the family members gather around and say how sorry for your loss and they will always be there for you and then you bury your loved one and the next day, next week, or even the next month your same family and friends that said they would always be there for you are no where to be found.
  I myself am guilty of this. I think all of us are.
If we have families of our own (especially with kids) we get so wrapped up in them we forget our promise.

  Elementary school friends grow up and become junior high friends junior high friends become high school friends if we are lucky. Very rarely do those same elementary school friends grow up to become our high school or even college and beyond friends.
People change and things are never the same.

I miss all my old friends.

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