Sunday, January 5, 2014

No church = hell = joke

   Why is it that so many people joke about hell like it's some kind of joke? Like it's a fun place to party and live it up?
Why do so many people (christians at that) act like if the weather is bad and they don't get to go out to get to church that God is going to be mad and punish them?
 Why do these same people act like God will send us to hell for having to skip church when it's beyond our control but can act like they want any other time.

    Don't they understand that God is a loving God and would never send us to hell just because we are not able to attend church one Sunday morning?
 I myself this morning made the decision to stay home because the news people were predicting that it was going to drop to freezing temps and more snow was coming so I made the decision this morning to stay home and let David drive to work instead of riding his bike (we only have 1 vehicle). Especially since he is sick and hacking up everything he eats/drinks yet continues to go to work.

 Excuse me if I'm wrong but I believe God does want us at church but he understands if we can't make it one day because of life's circumstances.

And to top it off another question. Why do so many people act like God and hell doesn't exist. As if they can say "Well I don't believe in hell therefore it can't exist and I can't be sent there". Do these people realize that God's existence isn't based on whether we believe in him or not and neither does hell's existence.

God exists (and yes I know not everyone believes that). However I have experienced too much in my life to deny him.

To me saying God doesn't exist because I don't believe in him because I have never seen him is the same as saying Texas doesn't exist because I don't believe in it because I've never been to it.

We may not have ever been to Texas but we see the effects of things associated with it and people who have experienced it firsthand. It's the same way in my opinion with God.
We may not be able to see him but we do see the things he has created everyday and we have met people who have firsthand experience with him.

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