Friday, January 10, 2014

Money savings challenge-week 2 (51)

Since I am doing this backward I know it will get easier as I go along but when you have to put in $51 the same week you have to pay all the household bills (except rent) it doesn't seem easy.
However I am proud to say I did it and feel pretty darn good about myself.
I have yet to transfer money to my savings account yet, mainly because my bank does maintenance (sp) at night and it wouldn't go through until morning. So maybe I'll just wait until then.
Anyway week 2 is complete (almost) and next week (the week I have to buy all my youngest son's birthday stuff) will hopefully be just as easy (easier).

Update: 1/14/2014-The deed is done again. I really need to learn to put money into the bank on Friday instead of waiting until 4-5 days later.

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