Friday, January 3, 2014

Money savings challenge-week 1 (52)

    Well today starts week one of my new adventure into the money savings challenge that I have found all over the web and decided after much thinking and praying decided to do.
However I am going to be doing it a little different than most probably.
First I am going to do it backwards so instead of taking out $1 on week 1 I am going to take out $52 on week 1 and count down from there. It just makes more sense to me to do it this way because not only will we only have to put in a few dollars in the closer we get to Christmas but when we do the $52 the first week and count down it will feel like less of a chore and more like a fun adventure.
Also the other different thing I am going to try my best to do is that each week whatever amount I take out to save I am also going to put that much into our savings account (an account we never use) and let it accumulate all year so at the end of the year hopefully instead of having the amount that you are suppose to have at the end of this challenge we will have twice that.
The only problem that I can see right now with doing this challenge at all is that my youngest son's birthday is this month so money will be tighter than tight but the husband will get 5 checks this month as he gets paid weekly so it won't be too bad.
  So anyway I have yet to get to the bank today to even start this however the husband will be going to the bank after work and will be able to pull it out and before I go to bed tonight it will be saved.
Now the hard question where do I want to put this away at? Better known as which of my 20 + piggy banks do I want to save this in? Yes I collect piggy banks. :)
I could be wrong but I'm thinking that doing it backwards is the way to go for anyone. Least I hope it is for us.
Well that is where we are at right now. It is technically "taken out" of the budget but not yet "put away".
Will update when it is.

Wish me luck.

Update: The deed is done. The first installment of the challenge is complete. Talked to my husband this morning and told him that I am doing something a little different and need his support without him knowing 100% what I am doing and he said "I think that's for the best since we all know my spending habit". If we have it he wants to spend it so here's to a great husband who is supportive of this adventure.

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