Thursday, January 23, 2014

Money challenge-week 3 (50) & a fixed truck door

Well another week of this challenge down and so far so good. Little late posting (since I did actually do this on Friday) because I've been since since December 22 and am just now starting to have enough energy to do anything other than moan and groan on the couch and cry for my mommy and run to the bathroom. Sorry gross I know.
Well anyway I did it and I am grateful.

And wouldn't you know that right after I put the money in the account and the other one in the piggy bank David (husband) comes home from working with a friend to tell me that he went to open the door  to the truck and the spring fell out and it wouldn't open. So since he had to work all weekend it had to stay like that with him crawling over the passenger see to get in and out he had to wait until Monday to take it to the shop.

They told him that it would be somewhere between $50-75 to fix but since we had the spring still it would probably not be much. Yeah right when he went to get it back it was almost $82. AND they didn't even put the spring back in.

And he of course starts stressing about money and how we can't afford this or that. You're right we can't (who really can) but it will be ok and it was. Then again he's probably stressing so much right now because his work keeps sending him home early. Thank God we have only 2 more checks and 1 maybe 2 bills. Granted it's rent but it'll be ok.

So that's my week in a nutshell right now.

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