Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014

As I sit here listening to Hoodwinked 2 in the background I am thinking of all the New Year's resolutions I am expected to make however I don't want to make them or at the least not call them resolutions because that makes them seem so easy to break. Instead I want to call them 2014 lifestyle changes.
Changes that will include
1)More patience-Patience not just for my family but for myself. I will not be so hard on myself when I fail or when people realize I am not perfect.

2) I will be better with money. I will make it a point to not only save more throughout the year but I will also have a happy balance where I will spend money too and enjoy life without stressing that it's the end of the world if I spend a dollar.

3) I will not get so down on myself if I don't sell something for a day/week on eBay because after all I already gave it to God and he will not let it fail.

4) I will love my family with everything I have. Oh wait I already do that one but now I will learn to laugh more and stress less.

What are your lifestyle changes?

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