Sunday, November 11, 2012

Past & present collide

What do you do when someone from your past suddenly shows up in your present and threatens to destroy your future?
What do you do when the person who shows up is your mother-in-law?
A woman who you gave chance after chance until she threatened to have your children taken away and accused you of lies. Lies that could have gotten your kids taken away and never brought back.
What do you do when your husband is trying to reconnect with her despite for years saying he wanted nothing to do with her?

How do you get past the anger and hatred you have buried so deep inside for 11 years that even you didn't know it was there?
 How do you forgive when you don't know if you can?
How do you forgive when even now she is making little digs at you?
When she is still after all this time making herself out to be the victim when the true victims are me and my babies?


faith said...

I am so sorry. This would definitely be stressful. I am praying for you.

Sharon said...

Thank you