Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The night the lights went out in Fairborn

I feel like I haven't been here in forever and this is why.
Friday afternoon my husband and boys and myself were out getting things David and Thomas needed for their trip to Hope Hill, Kentucky on Sunday and a storm started coming through. I heard 80 mile hour winds and I heard 170 mile hour winds. Don't know which but apparently they were strong enough because by the time we got back home (1 hour after the storm started when we were at Gabriel Brother's then Sam's) our whole town went black. We came up off the highway to go get a few things at kroger and noticed that the power on the end of town was out (street lights and everything) so we drove up towards our house and started noticing that all stores, houses and everything was black. Not a single light was going.
So we come home to discover that not only is our whole town out of power but there were at least 3 power lines near us that were knocked down and 2 streets up a huge oak tree (which by the way my son runs under everyday) fell down and hit a duplex across the street.
We went out to eat that night thinking that we would get our power back within a few hours because when a storm came through 4 years ago we only lost it for 5 minutes.
Boy were we WRONG.
We lost it Friday and got it back finally around 7:30 Monday (July 2nd)
So here we are staying in a hotel trying to make the most of it and make it into an adventure for the boys but yeah it stank.
After David got off last night and got back to the hotel we came by to check on the house and found our porch light on and our power back. I being the emotional woman that I am ran into the house and started crying and thanking God for getting our power restored.
From what I heard at the height of the storm there were 175,000 people without power and they were saying it would be Wednesday before 95% of people had power back but then we had another storm Sunday which knocked them back a few steps and more people lost their power.
All I know is I learned 2 things.
1) Always be prepared for an emergency because you never know what can happen.
2) Appreciate what you have because it can be taken from you in an instant.
My town looks great but I'm praying for others who may not have it yet.
Here are some pictures I took this weekend of the damage.
Pole knocked over by the highway. There were actually 2 but couldn't get the pic of the other one.
Lines knocked down in a field 2 streets up (in front of my uncle's house)
Tree 2 streets up that hit the duplex.
Another view of the tree that hit the duplex. It was ripped totally out of the ground.
Chilling at the hotel trying to make the best of a bad situation.

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