Sunday, July 29, 2012

Choosing life

Why do people not believe in God? Or better thought of as why do people choose to bash God/christianity so much?
The only conclusion I can come up with is because of fear.
They are afraid because deep down they know it's real and not a myth and it scares them.
It scares them because they know they are being convicted by the Holy Spirit.
Who after all wants to turn from their sinful ways? Sin is fun after all.
  It's fun to do what you want, think what you want, and behave how you want and not to have to answer to anyone, especiallly an "invisible guy".
Well it's fun for awhile until you realize that there is indeed a God and not just an invisible guy.
It breaks my heart when I hear or read about people who bash the idea that there is a God.
It makes me want to shake them and scream WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.
It makes me want to hug them and tell them that it will all be ok. If they would just turn to God he will take care of them. That life is so much better with the peace of God.

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Ren said...

After talking to many non believers, I am ashamed to say that one reason so many do not believe is because of observing the behaviors of other Christians.. They were treated baldly in their church, judged by their appearance or their struggles. The Bible tells us how to behave, that we should emmulate Christ, but so few of us do that. Fewer even try.. So when non believers see our behavior, they think "if that is what their Jesus is like, I want no part of it"..
For the longest time I felt the same way.. I could see how the Bible said one thing, but the Christians did the opposite.. Though it makes me sad, I can't really blame them..
So I pray every day that the Spirit helps me to show others how a true Christian behaves.. Sometimes I fail, but I'll keep trying..