Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reality vs. society

I wish I were as thin as I was when I thought I was fat.
I don't think truer words were ever spoken from any woman. I think lots of times as teenagers we are so conditioned by society to look at the magazines and celebrities and compare ourselves to what society says we have to look like to be accepted. To be told we are beautiful. As little girls if we have the right parents we are told that we are beautiful, that we are princesses and we can accomplish great things as long as we believe in ourselves and know that no matter how beautful we are on the outside that beauty is only skin deep and we need to be beautiful on the inside as well.
Then we become teenagers and sometimes even the tweenagers and we start looking at 17 magazine and Cosmo and we realize that we are not as beautiful as the models in those magazines because we don't have a size 0 waist or flawless skin so society's voices become louder than our parents and we start applying the makeup sometimes in secret because our parents have told us not to wear it until a certain age, we exercise until we have sweat pouring from places we didn't know existed and sometimes we stop eating or overeat just to throw it up. All so we can finally look like a celebrity who in actuality doesn't look like that either. We teach our daughters that's it ok to compare ourselves to others instead of being the person God made us to be. No we might never say the actual words "it's ok to compare yourself to her or her" but by turning our heads when our 12 year old daughters are wearing the makeup because in their words they are ugly without it or turning our heads and letting them wear the short shorts so they'll be noticed by the boy they like this week we are giving in to the peer pressure we fought so hard against ourselves.
Then if we don't have daughters we teach our sons to go out for any sport they can because girls like jocks and not the artsy type, we teach them to notice the girl with the booty shorts and tight tank tops and yet we know deep down those are not the type of girls we want raising our granddaughters and grandsons.
We as parents need to stand up and take a stand against society once and for all and let them know that we will no longer accept what they are trying to do to our children. That we are the parents and we do not have to accept what we are told for 5 minutes of popularity. Popularity is fleeting and so are girls in their teenage years. So stand up for what you believe in and speak louder than the magazines even if you have to throw the trash out and say not in my home.

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Anonymous said...

When my daughter, Abbie was five she thought she was fat and began to refuse eating. We had no idea where she got the idea from because we are always so careful about what we say, do , and let her watch. Turns out it was from daycare.. the school aged girls were talking about it. We had to take her to the counselors a few times to help her through it. (She was slightly under weight and still is. )