Monday, June 4, 2012

Pushing kids

Do you ever feel like because of your deep seated fears in life you push your kids to do too much? Maybe push the to the point of excellence when you yourself know that you need to back off?
That's how I feel sometimes. My oldest son runs cross country for his school and has since 7th grade (he's going into 10th this year) and sometimes I feel like maybe I push him too hard to succeed at this sport but then sometimes I think I don't push him hard enough because I know what he is capable of and to be honest sometimes he gets it in his head he can't do it and that quite frankly scares me.
It scares me because he will tell himself that he is not capable of doing it or he will listen to others who have said that and it sounds very much like me in my childhood. Thing is I have never allowed anyone to talk to him that way around me and if anyone did I have removed those people from his life so why does he still listen to "those voices"? Shouldn't the voices of us his parents who have ALWAYS encouraged him, supported him, and rooted for him be louder?
Well I don't know about louder because I know teenagers are very prone to peer pressure but if anyone has any suggestions on how to encourage him and for him to prove to himself he can do it please let me know.

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