Sunday, June 10, 2012


How does a very introverted parent get blessed with two very extroverted kids?
Kids who never met an enemy unless that person does something mean to them.
Who is willing to play with anyone no matter the age.
How does that same introverted parent find a balance between letting them have friends and teaching them not to share too much too soon?

Why am I so willing and able to teach them to forgive people for hurting them and yet I can't forgive those same people as easily?
When people hurt my babies no matter if that person is an adult or child all I see is red and the mama bear appears.
How do I learn to let go and forgive?
I know the obvious answer is to let go and let God, to ask God to help me forgive them but how do I give it to God and not keep taking it back when I am angry?

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Anonymous said...

don't think you are taking it back when you are angry. God doesn't tell us to not be angry, He tells us "In your anger do not sin," Psalm 4:4... Just keep giving it back to God. I am trying to teach my daughter, who is very extroverted and lets friends take advantage of her niceness, to have personal boundaries and not be in unhealthy relationships. I think you are doing a great job. I