Thursday, June 14, 2012

He's getting a raise

Late last year David came home and said he (along with other guys at his work) were going to lose 5% of there paychecks (just to be able to keep their jobs) so although that meant a .50 decrease we tightened our belts once again and made it work.
Well in the process of all that we also found out that there would be a pay freeze which meant that he would not be getting his annual raise so of course that was disappointing but what can we do at least he had his job.
So I have been praying for awhile now that he would get a raise or something to help us out because although we are doing ok everyone wants to make more.
Well we found out within this last month that there was an assistant position at work that would come with a pay raise and I continued to pray and trust God.
Tonight he comes home from work and tells us that he got the position and although it won't start yet it will within the next 2-3 weeks and not only that but instead of just a little bit of a raise (a dime which has happened in the past) he will be making .75 MORE.
Not only is God blessing him with his 5% back but he is giving him another .25 just because he can.
It is true when we remain faithful to God he will remain faithful to us.

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Veronica Lee said...

I am so happy for you! Yes, God is indeed great!
Hi! Stopping by from MBC.
Have a nice day!