Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 18

What has been the most difficult thing you have had to forgive?

I think the most difficult thing I've had to forgive was my husband cheating on me.
I have sat here for the last 15 minutes writing and erasing and rewriting our story and none of it sounds like it made sense so I'll just leave it at my husband cheating.
But we are ok now and will be celebrating 13 years together on Friday (June 22nd).

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TheButterfly said...

The most difficult thing for me to forgive was being lied to. I ended up dating to guys in the military whom lied about there marital status. Both either married or engaged. I was pissed off cause one of them convinced me to move out of my parents house due to them being too strict and the other one I ended up spending money on him for his birthday. Karma played it's roll on the first guy as he is now married to this strict gal. I added him on facebook but we don't talk because of her unless it's a thank you on his pictures of Hi daughter and their triplets.. The second dude just went crazy and couldn't talk to me because of what he did after 2 yrs later saying I was over it. So yea.. There's mine.