Monday, May 21, 2012

Windows 7

Last night we bought ourselves a new computer because of course the other one was no longer working properly (it was after all probably at least 6-7 years old). Well the first thing we did was go to Walmart and buy one that had a tower, keyboard, and mouse. Great deal right and only for $287.55 (after tax) cheaper than the other ones for the same model. Well it has windows 7 on it (of course nothing we can do about that) but let me tell you although I love the new computer for internet I hate windows 7 for anything else. None of my picture discs will work with it, I can't find anything I need, and none of the screen savers are working even though the screen savers I'm trying to use are already ON THE COMPUTER. I would not recommend windows 7 to anyone. Windows XP & Vista is so much easier to use and so much better in every way. So like I said although I like the internet on it everything else stinks. So  thumbs up & DOWN!!!!!

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