Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trying too hard

Am I trying to hard? Too hard to blog? Too hard to find material to post about? Too hard to impress others and not myself ? According to my husband I am so now what?
Should I post pictures I have taken (that I love) or should I write things that I think (along with the articles that I read to form my opinion), should I post funny things my kid(s) say on any given day? Or should I just scrap it all and say what the heck I'm going to post any thing I think of and if they like it then great and if they don't it is not a direct reflection upon me?
Anyone else out there who blogs know what I'm talking about?
This blogging thing is not easy.
Growing up I have always wanted to write a book and as I got older I wrote some poems and wanted to publish them but have yet to do that. That little you're not good enough monster keeps popping into my head at the most imoportune times. Yeah I'm pretty sure I spelled that totally wrong.
So for all you out there in blogger land tell me what you blog about or what kind of things you like to read about. Maybe we can help eachother through this blogging land.


Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean. I often feel like I should blog but have nothing to blog about. I made a few choices. The first one was to read more blogs to draw inspiration from. The second one was to find one focus for my blog. I can post on other things but it gives me a general direction to focus in. The third one is to take notes during the day or make draft posts that I can come back to and fill in as the day goes on. The final one is to not post if I have nothing to post about. I find that one strong post is better than twenty superficial posts. It is all about discovering what you want from your blog whether it is something light hearted, focused on a talent or interest you have, or as a way to process your feelings. Best of luck.


Tina B said...

I have a few different blogs. One is about things I go through as a Mother. One is devoted to things I have written. I don't consider myself a brilliant poet, but I like poetry. Another is devoted to relationship things and life lessons I'm learning and sharing. The posts are spurred by talks I have had with my friends that I continue on with my opinions. Through Pinterest, I have found sites that give you blog post ideas. I bookmark them so I can refer to them later..