Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Silly Stinky sayings

Sometimes my youngest son (Isaiah) says things that blow me away and I think he must be a miniature adult and other times he just says things that make me laugh.
The following is one that made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes (not good when you are driving).
Coming home one day I mentioned it looked like it was going to rain to which he said.
"Mom, do you remember that one time you were driving and splashed that kid?"
Yes and I felt so bad.
"It was so funny".
Not for the kid it wasn't. How would you like it if that happened to you?
"It would be funny. I would come home and say mommy I got peed on by angels".
Then he said this a week ago.
After mentioning that we had to get home because I had to go to the bathroom (yes it does seem I'm in the car a lot)
Women can't pee because they don't have pee pees. Adam took duct tape and ripped Eve's off.

Then other times he will say something that will just grab my heart and I know for everything I have gone through in life my life is worth living.
Like just a minute ago when he yelled at me Stop thieve. What did I steal? You stole my heart.

I love that boy so much. I have truly been blessed by God when he granted me these boys to mother.