Friday, May 25, 2012

She hates me but why?

They say you learn something new everyday and today I learned that a certain person for whatever reason hates me. Not only does she hate me but she hates me with a passion. Who is this person you ask? Well I'll tell you, this person (who shall remain nameless) is my youngest son's teacher.
All year (ever since halloween really when he told her he would not participate in the halloween poetry reading because we don't celebrate halloween) she has caused nothing but trouble. It's almost like she hates the fact that I am an involved parent. If I see that my son is not doing well in a subject that he was previously doing well in I would ask her about it (never once did I blame her teaching methods), if my son came home and had a point for something that made no sense to me I would email her about it and ask, if my son came home talking or crying about some kid bullying him I would ask her about it (and this happened ALOT), if she needed volunteers for something I would volunteer as much as I could (or his dad would). Apparently she is not one to like parent involvement (also known as parent interference by her I'm sure).
Back in March my son was being bullied on the playground by the same people again and he got frustrated with it and said something to them. Something he shouldn't have said but he did and the teacher instead of calling me or the principal calling me gave him a point and I had to call a meeting to get it taken care of. At this meeting I asked about the paper where the teacher fills out to keep kids away from him next year and she acted like she couldn't stand that I would know about this top secret teacher paper. Well excuse me can I help it if I have a lot of friends that are ex teachers?
Anyway back to the subject at hand. I have known she doesn't like me but it has never bothered me until today and it doesn't exactly bother me now so much as make me think of the pettiness of this person.
Yesterday my son had a field day and although we were the only parents out of his class to show up to watch and support the kids she absolutely refused to talk to us and anytime we were near she would walk as far away as possible without actually going inside the building. And for the record I took lots of pics. Lots of times I go to the school I take pics.
Today my son was presenting his skunk project to other classes that he's been working on for awhile now and he wanted me to come at 12:45 and stay until 2:10 to make sure he got to take the board home (he was suppose to work on it with another kid but this kid did nothing and everything on the board was stuff I had printed for it) So anyway I get there today and I'm not even there 5 minutes when another teacher (son's ss teacher) comes to me and "asks" that I don't take pics of anything but the kids' boards because some parents didn't sign waivers to  have their kids pics taken (I was not taking them for public viewing) so I told her no problem I was only there to take pics of my son anyway and I don't like people having pics of my kids (which is true) but I know that the message was really coming from not this person but the main source of the problems.
So that's my day/year in a nutshell. I can't take much more of this and I will be so grateful when it is all over. So doing a happy dance over here that there is no school Monday and then they only have to go until May 31st.
5th grade has to be so much better.
I'm not trying to bash anyone (I know it sounds like I am) but I had to get it out somewhere. Not one person I've talked to about this woman (who had her when they were kids or their kids had her) can't stand her either. It's like she's nice to you if you kiss butt. I don't kiss butt for anyone I was just trying to be a good parent who gets involved in my son's education. Would she have rather me been a parent who doesn't care and lets their kid run all over her?
And for the record this same teacher who told me not to take pics of kids was there yesterday at field day and not one time approached me about not taking pics. Why would she do it today but not yesterday?


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that. I can understand if a parent were overstepping their bounds, but it sounds like you were just being a concerned and active parent. Sadly, it is hard to recognize a good parent when you see one.

On a separate note, this post was very well written. Good job.

Misfit_toy said...

Thank you

Ren said...

I am guessing that we didn't say anything to you herself because she didn't have the courage to do so.. So the next day she sent someone else to do it..
I'm sorry that he was so rude o you and your son.. Here's hoping for a better year next year :)

Misfit_toy said...

Thank you :)

Tina B said...

It sucks having to deal with a teacher who hates involved parents. It sounds like she kind of singled your kid out (SAD teachers still do this) after the Halloween thing. I'm sorry you had to deal with her :(
Cheers to a better year next year!!