Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prices going up?

Is it just me or have you noticed it too? Everywhere I go prices are going up and up. I run to Save A Lot today to get something quick for dinner tonight since I have to be back at my youngest son's school at 6 and of course a few other much needed items and how much do I spend? $38 and some change. There was a time when going to Save A Lot would get me at least almost 2 weeks worth for around $40-60 depending on what I got and now I'm spending almost $40 for maybe a week and that's pushing it. And their fruit is not cheap anymore. Heck I can go to Meijer and buy a ton of fruit for around $20-25 and a bag of very small apples at SAL are around $3.49. Bananas are still cheaper then anyplace else but strawberries are $2.49. I just spent $1 for a pound of strawberries the other day at Meijer. I don't know about you but I am so grateful I have discovered coupons. It may take a little time at first to get them organized and a little time to make your list before you go to the store but it is so worth the effort when you can save that money for your family and do fun things with your kids throughout the year instead of saying "sorry kids not this week I had to buy groceries so now we can't go watch a movie at the cheap Danbarry theater."


Tina B said...

Following from CM :)

I have noticed this all too. About a year ago, I had shaved $60-$70 a month off our grocery bill using coupons and shopping at Target. That savings is probably close to $20 now. I hate it, but what are we going to do?

Misfit_toy said...

Plant our own food and raise our own beef? lol