Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm getting a purple toaster....apparently

Conversation between my boys (oldest is coloring his Garfield book and he colored the toaster purple)
Oldest son: Mom look, I colored the toaster purple.
Me: Yes I see that, I like purple toasters.
Youngest son: You do?
Me:Yes I do.
Youngest: Tom (whispers) I know what we can get mom for Mother's day, her birthday or Christmas.
Oldest: Mother's day already passed.
Youngest: So what, I know let's just get some purple spray paint she already has the white toaster.
Me: (giving him a are you serious look)
Youngest: What you said you like purple toasters.

Do I tell him now or later that women do not like getting household appliances for holidays. Nah he wouldn't care he is all boy. :)

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