Sunday, May 27, 2012

A bad american

Am I a bad american because I am not patriotic?
Ok so I am loyal to America and I am very grateful to the military men and women who died for this country and the ones currently fighting.
I did after all marry a marine (and like he says even though he is no longer in once a marine always a marine). It just seems to me that after September 11th their are lots of "patriotic" people or at least their was.
Now it just seems those same people are patriotic if they get the day off.
To me patriotism should be about being loyal no matter what. Whether we are in a war or not, whether it's memorial day or not, whether you get the day off or not.
So maybe I am patriotic.
I just don't do it outwardly only one or two days a year but everyday. When I rise out of bed and thank God he woke me up, everyday when I kneel at my bed and pray for my boys, everyday when I walk out of my house in shorts I am grateful.Grateful to God for making me an American  and grateful to the military for fighting for my American freedoms.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that makes you sound bad at all. I am not big into those holidays because my family always used the days to just sleep or ignore us kids. I didn't even know, until I was an adult, Memorial day was about military.